Conference Agenda


2.00PM-6.00PM - Pre- event Onsite Registration/ Exhibition setup.


9:30-10.30am - Session 1 Opening session. Overview of conference, keynote presentations by government representatives.
Theme: Downstream – Renewed Opportunities

10.30am- 12:00noon - Opening of Exhibition /Networking Break

12pm–2:00pm - Session 2 Crude Oil Markets and Impact on Petroleum Trading for Africa
With continuing low prices, how have trading markets been impacted both for crude and clean products?

2:00pm-3.30pm - Session 3 Petroleum Products Retail As the New Flavour – Optimising Opportunities  
Rampant pricing risks have opened a window to the previously less-travelled road of petroleum retail. Investors are not shying away from this with potential benefit to the consumer. Is it all gloss and glitter?

3.30pm Lunch /Exhibition Visits

6.30pm Opening Cocktail Reception  
Venue: TerraKulture
Featuring: The acclaimed theatre performance of SARO - The Musical.

Day three – 24 october 2017

9.00am – 10.45am - Session 4 Africa’s Refining Re-awakening – Markets, Models and Minefields
Does size really matter? What’s the import of scale in refining? What are the numbers saying and what’s the reality of those who have dared to venture? Everyone’s talking modular refining, so we may as well get to brass tacks.

11.45am- 11.00am - Networking Break/Exhibition Visits

11.00am -12.30 pm - Session 5 Finance For Downstream Trading And Infrastructure Projects
Recent market tendencies have shown appetite for some categories of investment in the downstream value chain. With the hindsight of burnt fingers from high-cost upstream investments in recent years, is downstream a more bankable option? What are the windows being opened both by development lenders and traditional banks? 

12.30pm – 2:00pm - Session 6 Downstream’s Disruptive Influences: The Role of LPG, Petrochemicals and Renewables
The energy of the future has to be clean but what’s the fate of today’s staple? With tomorrow’s cars set to go green, concerns of sustainability may be valid. This session reveals new opportunities for those who want to take positions.

2.00pm Lunch /Exhibition Visits

3.00pm - Session 7 Optimising Ship to Shore Efficiency
Many a successful deal has been thwarted by the small issue of shipping. Demurrage, detention quantity/quality discrepancies and sundry regulatory issues are hardly funny scenarios. Who’s to blame and who’s to deal?

4.30pm End of Day Three


9.00am- 10.45am - Session 8

  • Shackled or Free – Getting Petroleum Pricing Right:
  • Competition and Growth in African Oil Marketing

Whether populist or pragmatic, petroleum pricing policy is central to economic development and market sustainability. This session charts the best option with Nigeria as a backdrop.

10.45am - Tea-Break/ Exhibition Visits

11.00am – 1.00pm - Session 9 Rig to Retail: Africa’s Opportunities for Total Oil
This session will review country experiences relating to downstream petroleum policy and regulation across Africa, Europe and Asia.

1.00pm – 2.30pm - COMMUNIQUE SESSION

2.30pm Lunch & Exhibition Visits

6.30pm OTL Industry Dinner
Sponsored by Vitol SA and Petrocam Trading Pty.